An overview of this idea and how I turned it into a real Python API

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A journey through Domain Driven Design

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An animated tutorial to increase your productivity in Pycharm

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An easy and smart way to recognize human face

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Region of Interest

Failure is the mother of success

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Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.
— Chinese proverb

The problem

Let’s look at the heart of Elasticsearch

An overview of the most useful builtins data structures.

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A selection of most valuable libraries in Python

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What is Geoprocessing?

An Overview on Python I/O.

A quickly demonstration of how Python interacts with I/O

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Duplicate Line (Ctrl + D)

Duplicate selected line.

Delete Line (Ctrl + Y)

Delete selected line.

Extract Code Fragment to Method (Ctrl + Alt + M)

Turn the selected code fragment into a method.

Move Line (Ctrl + Shift + ↑ | ↓)

Move the selected line above or below.

Reformat Code (Ctrl + Alt + I)

Indent selected code.

Comment or Uncomment Code (Ctrl + /)

Comment or uncomment selected line.

Find in Path (Ctrl + Shift + F)

Find the search string in a project

Find Action (Ctrl + Shift + A)

Find actions in Pycharm.

Find Files (Ctrl + Shift + N)

Search files by name.

Move in Tabs ( Alt + ← | Alt + →)

Navigate between open tabs

Close Actual Tab (Ctrl + F4)

Close actual tab

Close All Tabs (Alt + Shift + X)

Close all tabs.

Open or Close Project Structure (Alt +1)

Give you more space to see your code.

Bookmark (Ctrl + Shift + 0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9)

Set bookmark in…

Guilherme de Lima Barros

Full Stack Engineer | Master at League of Legends | Drum Enthusiast.

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